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Our mission: To help people and machines better understand emotions.

We want to further increase our understanding of affect, help lead breakthroughs in affective computing, and augment our conversations.

Affect is a generally used term in research to be synonymous with the experience of emotions and feelings. Affective computing on the other hand, was coined by R.W. Picard at MIT in 1995 as the terminology for any program that uses, detects, or recognizes emotions. Even back in the 90's people were seeing decent results for recognizing emotions, and since then humanity has only gotten better at it. Today, public and private groups are studying affective computing, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and MIT. There was even a project published in 2016 that helped autistic kids recognize emotions.

If you have any questions feel free to check out our FAQ, or send us an email at questions@sentimllc.com.